LMS sensor

The LMS sensor combines small spot size and fast response to achieve high-speed operation capable of detecting a wide variety of luminescent marks and objects such as wood, adhesives, UV inks and optical brighteners on various surfaces over a range of 50 grayscale levels. The modulated UV light source in the LMS is focused to a 3-5 mm spot and directed toward a target. The diffused light returning to the sensor is measured. When the level is equal to or exceeds the threshold the discrete output changes state. Due to the fast response of the sensor, it is suitable for use in high-speed applications. The sensor provides a discrete output that automatically configures to NPN and PNP. A PLC or a computer can be used to monitor the status of the discrete output signal.

  • Fast response combined with small spot size allows for high-speed operation
  • Digital NPN/PNP output which is automatically detected, plus analog output produces communication versatility
  • Learning function combined with dual color LED programming indication enables quick set up
  • Compact, IP65 enclosure permits usage in a variety of applications
Model LMS
UV Light Source 370 nm LED, min.100,000 hours
Sensing Distance 28 mm (1.1″)
Spot Size (dia.) 3 to 5 mm (0.118 to 0.197″)
Depth of Field +/-3 mm from focal point (approx. 28 mm)
Response Time 25uS
Switching Frequency 40kHz
LED Intensity 3 levels
Gray-Scale 00 to 50
Controls MARK and BKGD keys
Digital Output Auto-Detect PNP / NPN
Analog Output 0 to 5V (20 mV resolution)
Power Indicator Green LED
Detect Indicator Yellow LED
Programming Indicator Yellow/green LED
Data Retention EEPROM non—volatile memory
Dimensions 2.0” (51 mm) x 2.4” (61 mm) x 1.0” (25 mm)
Weight 0.21 lbs. (95 g)
Supply Voltage 10 to 24 VDC
Operating Current 60 mA
Short Circuit Protection Discrete output
Overload/Reverse Polarity Protection Supply voltage
Operating Temperature -20°C to 55°C
Storage Temperature -20°C to 70°C
Housing Plastic
Mechanical Protection IP65
Connector M12, 4-pin
LMS-1 Luminescence Sensor with 1.1″ (28 mm) range and Learning Function
LMS-CBL M12 cable
LMS-BRKT L Shaped mounting bracket for LMS

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LMS Luminescence Sensor Manual