New DT-735 Portable, Battery-Powered XENON Stroboscope

SEALS USA- Shimpo Instruments New Product Announcement

DT-735-Strob.jpgSEALS USA Inc. would like to present our latest offering- the DT-735 Digital Xenon Stroboscope with Rechargeable Battery.  The DT-735 is a portable, highly stable, industrial-quality stroboscope for non-contact inspection and observation of moving parts by providing the user the illusion of stopped or slowed down equipment movement.

Constructed with a rugged, metal enclosure, the DT-735’s withstand harsh industrial usage. The internal rechargeable battery and included top and bottom handles aid in portability and usage flexibility. The control adjustment settings allow the flash rate to be readily altered by the user to visually inspect rotating or reciprocating machinery such as gear teeth, rotors, shafts, rewinders, printing presses, etc. all without stopping production. The DT-735's provide the ability to work either off the user-control panel or with an external sensor providing the cadence for the flash rate to coincide with the operating machinery. These features make the DT-735 ideal for quality inspection and preventive maintenance of automated motion equipment.

The DT-735 Battery-Powered Stroboscopes are in stock, ready for shipment in both standard or kit form with included carrying case.

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