New Shimpo Wheels for Contact Tachometers

Shimpo Instruments-New Product Announcement

Shimpo Instruments, A Division of Nidec-Shimpo America Corp., has released its new Contact Adapter Wheels for use with Shimpo Contact Tachometers. The Shimpo Cable Wheel is a unique 12” circumference wheel specifically designed to securely contain various sized cables and wires.  This enhanced design allows the contact tachometer to be used in common speed and length applications such as elevator cables, checking welding wire length, as well as monitoring cable production speeds in the manufacturing process.

The Shimpo Knurled Aluminum Wheel is a special 12” circumference wheel specifically designed for accurately detecting fabrics, textiles or fast moving conveyor belts when combined with a Shimpo Contact Tachometer.   Applications where line heat is present will not produce long term effects to the aluminum wheel due to its robust metal design and knurled edging.  This enhanced knurled edge also provides added grip, eliminating slippage and inaccurate readings which may arise with standard wheels on smooth surfaces.  These great features of the Knurled Aluminum Wheel make it the ideal choice for use in industrial speed and length hot surface temperature applications.

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