Privacy Policy

In management of the businesses, SEALS USA Inc. (hereinafter called “SEALS USA”) recognizes the importance of personal information, considers it most important to fully enforce its protection, provides for the following policy to offer security and reliability to the clients, and makes the policy fully informed among all the employees to protect the personal information. At the same time, SEALS USA handles properly any information about the corporate and organizational clients in the same way as the individual clients.

1.Compliance with Laws and Regulations

In order to protect personal information, SEALS USA will observe the Personal Information Protection Law, guidelines enacted by the ministries and agencies concerned and associated laws and regulations.

2.Handling of Personal Information

In respect to handling of personal information, SEALS USA will establish the system of personal information protection well adapted for the respective forms of businesses and handles it properly and carefully according to our company regulations.

Acquisition of Personal Information

In acquisition of personal information, SEALS USA will clarify the objectives of its use and will handle it with legal and fair means.

Use and Presentation of Personal Information

SEALS USA will manage personal information strictly, and will use it within the range which is authorized by the person in point, except for the cases admitted by the laws and regulations.

3.Measures for Security Management

To secure the correctness and security of personal information, SEALS USA will take adequate measures against risk of illegal access, leakage, loss, destruction of personal information, etc.

4.Supervision of Employees and Assignees

To permit adequate handling of personal information about measures for security management, etc., SEALS USA will give the employees necessary training and education. When SEALS USA assigns all or part of personal information, SEALS USA will select persons who are judged to treat personal information properly, provides for adequately the conditions regarding the measures for security management, confidentiality and sub-assignment as well as handling of personal information, and will perform necessary and proper supervision on them.