SEALS provides a true ONE-STOP SERVICE

SEALS proposes the best trade scheme specialized for production equipment. SEALS provides a true ONE-STOP SERVICE,
which is composed of Buy & Sell Business Scheme, Trading (Logistics and Permits/Licenses), Engineering, Consulting.

Concept of LIFT

"LIFT SERVICES" provided by SEALS is essential for procurements and sales operations of domestic and overseas. Fundamental concept of our services is to offer every need for our customers. Especially in overseas operations, there are many difficulties in legal and tax issues caused by difference of regulations and practical operations. SEALS aim to solve these problems in advance, and successfully conduct export/import successfully and as well as overseas payments i.e. money transfers.

LIFT Trade Service

Trade Pack & Closure Pack
(Start-up and Closure)

SEALS supports the whole process of starting up for a new plant at overseas
[Start-up] installing/relocating the new/used facilities, starting from procurement, and complex export procedures and transportation
SEALS' ONE-STOP SERVICES helps our customers to outsource closing works
[Closure] relocation, selling or disposal of production equipment.

Buy/Sell of Equipment

SEALS supports sales of machine tools and various equipment/facilities, at domestic and overseas regardless whether new or used. We also handle dismantling of facilities, removal, transportation, on-site assembly, import/export procedures and shipping.

Dismantling and Transportation of Equipment

SEALS provide professionally supports for the customer that dismantling, move-in/out, transportation and assembly at destination site. We can compatible of precision equipment such as semiconductor devices and LCD related equipment as well as heavy machinery.

VMI Services (Procurement / Payment Services)

SEALS produce that improvement of finance and procurement convenience by intervening the distribution channels between customer and client with our financial and logistic knowhow.

Engineering Services cont.

As a production facilities specialist, SEALS provides maintenance work for machine tools, issuing of parameter sheets and relocation of production facilities domestic and overseas.

Project with Government (Military Projects)

SEALS is also entrusted with national projects. We have collaborated with Ministry of Defense and Japanese Self-Defense Force in transportation of military exercise equipment.

Repair Parts Services

In general, it is time consuming to deliver of repair/maintenance Parts(as free of Charge/DDP) to CHINA.
By importing on behalf of our branch; SEALS Beijing and/or our associated trade companies achieve fastest delivery to final destination.

Agent Network

We are very keen on contributing to the manufacturing field all over the world by using our LIFT SERVICES.
Moreover, we intend to build up an information network to offer the LIFT SERVICES world wide.
We accept applications from individuals or companies that can collaborate with SEALS and share their information. Please join our network.



SEALS helps solving any concerns/troubles/issues related to procurement or move of facilities for new installation or start-up/closure of a factory either domestic or overseas.

  • SEALS propose the best trade scheme that includes transportation, trade procedures, tax and legal matters.
  • SEALS conducts move of the facilities from dismantling, transportation to installation.
  • SEALS deals with improvement of cash flow and exchange by intervening commercial distribution channels.
  • A ONE-STOP SERVICES of SEALS includes issuing parameter sheets, Export License application, import application for the used appliances and duty/tax exemption for countries like China or Indonesia.


SEALS helps improving parts procurements operations with VMI services (procurements and clearance services) either domestic or overseas.

  • Improvement of finance: Buying/selling on behalf of our clients' can help in improving their cash flow as well as storage cost, which can be thus outsourced.
  • Improvement of logistic cost: Can be achieved by collective delivery of parts.
  • SEALS entering the commercial flow enables our customers to have only one window for ordering/receiving orders.


SEALS helps making an effective use of property and cost by disposal of idle assets and/or procurement of used assets domestically or from overseas.

  • Utilizing SEALS global network, we are able to propose profitable disposal offers.
  • In order to reduce investment costs, we support to provide used assets upon your demand.


SEALS helps solving problems related to the shortage of engineers or workers in factory sites.

  • SEALS STAFFING SERVICES will support production in your site.
  • SEALS supports Move-in/out work of heavy equipment or precision machine tools.


SEALS is also entrusted with national projects. We have collaborated with Ministry of Defense and Japanese Self-Defense Force in transportation of military exercise equipment.