New FG-7000TA Digital Torque Gauge with Adjustable Clamp

Shimpo Instruments-New Product Announcement

FG-7000TA-main.jpg SEALS USA Inc. would like to announce our latest offering- The FG-7000T Series Digital Torque Gauge.  The FG-7000TA Series torque gauges provide torque sensors with the adjustable clamp adapter are immediately recognized when connected to the display base. The adjustable clamping mechanism enables flexible test size operation from approximately 0.56 to 2” (14 to 50 mm) diameters.  Units are available in 1 N-m (9 in-lb) 5 N-m (44 in-lb) & 10 N-m (88 in-lb) capacities. Four selectable modes of operation include: Track mode for live readings, Peak mode for displaying the maximum reading, First Peak where only the initial peak is recorded once a decrease is sensed and Preset which initiates user-programmed tolerance alarms for go/no go testing. The display has two selectable operations, numerical view with directional bar graph or graphical view with directional bar graph. In graphical view when alarm tolerances are set, the process is plotted in relation to the upper and lower limit graph lines combined with the go/no go icons. These high-tech instruments can log 1000 independent readings or be set to continuous data storage.  Data can be viewed on the screen, sent to the optional printer, or loaded to be analyzed and graphed on the free software program. The memory with definable groups allows for multiple tests to be recorded and easily separated upon loading. In addition, the comparator output can be set up for integration of the instrument into a quality system for repetitive testing such as on a production line.

These various features make the FG-7000TA the ideal torque instrument for various applications such as closing or opening analysis of containers, valves and door hardware, failure or destructive torque testing, or almost any torque testing requirement involving incoming quality inspection, finished goods testing to R&D.

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