New DT-3011N XENON Stroboscope with Phase Shift

SEALS USA- Shimpo Instruments New Product Announcement

DT-3011N.jpgSEALS USA Inc. would like to present our latest offering- the DT-3011N Xenon Digital Stroboscope.   The new DT-3011N replaces the discontinued DT-311A. The heavy-duty AC powered stroboscope possesses a light emission auto-off timer to conserves flash tube life. The DT-3011N's can operate from the user control panel or via an external sensor which provides the cadence for the flash rate to sync with operating machinery.  The DT-3011N's also include the Phase Shift Function set in degrees or milliseconds, aiding visualization and analysis of rotating machinery or objects.  Units may interconnect enabling one master strobe to drive the flash rates of connected DT-3011N’s downstream.

These features make the DT-3011N Stroboscope ideal for quality inspection and preventive maintenance of automated motion equipment.

 The DT-3011N Stroboscopes are in stock, ready for shipment.

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